Of ‘Boston Rob’… and ‘Mickey Mouse’

The MAN himself!

From 2011.

Quite a combo, huh?  The two are interconnected in MY life though!  I’m a huge Survivor fan, and last night, ‘Boston Rob’ Marriano won the million dollar prize on his fourth try.

How does that tie in with Mickey Mouse?  Well, it only does in MY world.

Hard to believe that in the first season of Survivor back in 2000, I didn’t watch a single regular season episode.  I was pretty much aware of what was going on, as Gretchen from Clarksville had been in the first cast.  Anyway, in August of that year, we were having one of the CBA (Community Broadcasters Association) conventions at Disney World.  It was a Sunday night, the night of the finale, and I was in the room and thought I’d check out what this ‘Survivor thing’ was all about.

mickey_mouse-1098I, along with over a hundred million other Americans watched Richard Hatch take home the prize, and I was hooked.  Couldn’t believe I hadn’t been watching this all along.

Haven’t missed an episode since, and a few years ago, I actually watched the finale on a 2 1/2 inch pocket TV while sitting in the ‘Fantasmic Theater’ at Hollywood Studios.

I enjoy the show.  A lot!  I’m also the first to admit if I was ever accepted to be ON the show, I’d be BEGGING them to boot my rear back to civilization after about 20 minutes.