Chicken with it’s head cut off…

Isn’t that the proverbial saying?  Like.. when you have way too much going on and can’t seem to make any progress on anything?

I looked at REAL chicken pictures. Too graphic!

Sort of what I feel like with the various projects I’m working on.  Oh yeah, you have NO idea what I’m working on.  OK, well, here’s a short summary.  Two phases, including a web based phase which not only includes this blog, but another support website for a Disney based travel project.  Second, what I’m tentatively calling the IBN or ‘Internet Broadcast Network’.  It’s basically a television station for the internet, and with it I’ll have the capability of pulling you, yes YOU, wherever you are into an internet wide broadcast.

It’s not that complicated, but uses some pretty slick software that allows me to bring up multiple video Skype callers, and put their conversations AND video on the air.  Interactive.  Because of the television features in it, I’ll be able to insert video, play music, talk back and forth… anything you see done on most television stations, and a lot of things you DON’T see being done.

So, between trying to learn WordPress for the various projects…  coding what I can…   wiring things as they become available and test modes…  all I can say is “cluck, cluck”.  (Although a chicken that truly had his head cut off, probably wouldn’t be doing that…)

It even got to the point that I went to the site Sunday night.  It is a site where people are willing to do all sorts of things for five bucks.  I was desperate for a logo for one of these projects, so I figured it was worth a shot.  I sent some person in India five dollars through Paypal, and a couple of hours later I had a logo!  The principle was a good one, and the program worked great.  The logos I got back had valiant effort, but I’m not using them.  Later, when I’m ready to announce the project, I just might publish them here.  Might not.  You might like them better than the one I settle on, and THEN where would I be?

Looking at that site DID make me ponder doing a bit of voiceover work.  There are some incredible talents on there, primarily from Britain.

Mrs. Peel. Inspiration for my GPS, and a thousand boyhood fantasies.

Mrs. Peel. Inspiration for my GPS, and a thousand boyhood fantasies.

I guess people over here like having stuff done in an English accent.  (Even my GPS, ‘Mrs. Peel’, talks in a British accent, but then again, it IS an English car)  Maybe somebody across the pond will like having an AMERICAN accent on their stuff!  (Yet another project.  ..sigh..)

I took the night off last night, and had dinner with an old friend.  I relaxed, and for once didn’t think twice about this stuff.  It was an EXCELLENT move on my part.  Every now and then I just need to be reminded that there are other things in the world, and yes, other PEOPLE.  I have a great number of casual friends, and they’re wonderful.  I only have a limited number of GREAT friends, and I treasure them.

Anyway, this site is doing exactly what I wanted it to do, which is to provide me a place to write, vent and track my progress.  Time to go watch the rest of ‘Outsourced’.  And despite how awful it sounds, I may have some fig newtons and orange juice.

Might have to even look around for those old ‘Avengers’ DVDs.