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It’s that time again….

Is it wrong to derive great pleasure from videos like these?  

My night with David Brenner, Sly Stallone, Hagler-Hearns, and Sue…

Note:  This post was written in 2014. I just received word that David Brenner passed away.  We could list accolades for hours, but one thing stands out.  Brenner appeared on the ‘Tonight Show With Johnny Carson’ more than 150 times, starting in 1971, and he guest hosted it as well.  He’s a comedy legend. Those appearances …

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It’s e-d-w-A-R-D dammit…. (and Stubhub)

If you’re gonna use my stuff, get my name right.  I was asked to comment, good or bad, about Stubhub, the ticket brokerage service for some blog.  I did.  However, they bumped my comments for some clown named Edwin.