Lady, your 7 year old ain’t on Facebook!

First off, the following rant could apply just as easily to a dad as it does a mom.  It just happened that a mom inspired it.

ProudMommy_animated_answer_1_xlargeEver get tired of the messages that appear on your computer screen aimed at someone who will never friggin SEE it?

Say WHAT, you ask?  What is ELO rambling on about now?

Saw a message tonight from one of my “friends”, (you know, the ones who are ‘friends’, but who you don’t know who the hell they are?), saying… “On my way to <random kids name> ballgame.  I LOVE YOU BABY”.

OK, so she’s going to the game, and obviously the kid who is probably 17 or 18 will be excited later when he logs onto his Facebook page to catch up on Candy Crush or to catch up on his sexting and will see that mom was talking about him.  Right?!?


I looked at the pictures and saw the kid probably wasn’t more than seven years old.  Too damned young to be on Facebook.

If you love your kid and want the world to know it, just say so.  “I WANT ALL OF YOU “FRIENDS” TO KNOW I HAVE THE MOST WONDERFUL KID IN THE WORLD AND I LOVE HIM/HER/IT!  And since they don’t have a Facebook page, just thought I’d tell you since this is the most exciting thing that’s happened to me today.”

Your “friends”, (even the ones who actually KNOW you), will really appreciate it….

(And don’t EVEN get me started about the parents and grandparents who wish kids under 5 ‘Happy Birthday’ on social media sites…  My head might explode…)