Operation ‘brown out’… update…

From 2013.

Back in the summer, my hairdresser, ‘The Lovely Carly’ (we’re close so I can just call her ‘The Lovely’) held a hair intervention with me at her shop.  She and an assortment of other ladies working there said I needed to “go natural” (hair color, you pervs) and change the style. 

Some old guy with the amazing 'Tesla Cat'

Some old guy with the amazing ‘Tesla Cat’

So, considering that I was in a shop of very attractive ladies, all telling me this was what I needed to do, and considering I’m a man and most men will jump off a cliff when even ONE attractive lady tells them to do something, well… I was toast.

We changed the style, and since that day, I’ve been allowing the…umm…  ‘natural color’ of my hair to return.  (OK, I quit dyeing my hair.  Sheesh.)

I believe we’re almost to the natural state.

Lady Clairol did a commercial in the 80’s about “washing the gray right out of my hair”.  I was going to post it, but the original tune from ‘South Pacific’ is much better, and when they say ‘man’, just imagine they’re saying “brown”.

BTW, to all the guys who continue to dye theirs.  I’m now licensed to make fun of you.  Just so you know!