‘Doctor Who’ actor’s ages upon debut

Since Sunday’s special BBC broadcast naming Peter Capaldi as the 12th ‘Doctor Who’, much has been made about the actor’s ages when playing Doctor Who.

Capaldi will be the same age (55) as William Hartnell (the first Doctor) was when he debuted, although Hartnell was a few months older.

In case you’re interested, here’s the breakdown.

Actor,Birth Date,Debut Date,Age At Debut
“William Hartnell”,”January 8-1908″,”November 23-1963″,55
Patrick Troughton,March 25-1920,October 29-1966,46
Jon Pertwee,July 7-1919,January 3-1970,50
Tom Baker,January 20-1934,June 8-1974,40
Peter Davison,April 13-1951,March 21-1981,29
Colin Baker,June 8-1943,March 16-1984,40
Sylvester McCoy,August 20-1943,September 7-1987,44
Paul McGann,November 14-1959,May 27-1996,36
Christopher Eccleston,February 16-1964,March 26-2005,41
David Tennant,April 18-1971,June 18-2005,34
Matt Smith,October 28-1982,January 1-2010,27
Peter Capaldi, April 14-1958,November 23-2013,55