No more ‘negative waves’….

Every day I see dozens and dozens of posters, cute sayings, philosophical meanings, etc.  Most I’ll read, maybe chuckle, and move on.  Occasionally I’ll grab one (even one without a cat on it), and repost it on another site for others to enjoy.

Over the weekend, I found one that caught my attention and dug into my psyche.  It follows.  Read it once.  twice.  three times a lady.

PeopleThis grabbed me not because of great or average people.  You don’t really have a choice as to whether you are ‘great’ or even ‘average’.  But you DO have a choice to NOT be ‘small’.  And you make that choice every day of your life.

A really entertaining movie is ‘Kelly’s Heroes’ starring Clint Eastwood, Telly Savalas, Donald Sutherland and a BUNCH of other people.  It is that oxymoron called a ‘comedic war movie’, but they pull it off.  (Despite having the most unlikely theme song in the history of war movies.)

‘No more negative ways….’

In this movie, Donald Sutherland plays a tank commander called ‘Oddball’.  Throughout the movie his mantra is about people spouting ‘negative waves’.  He’s kind of a hippy, 20+ years before the hippy movement.  He preaches that what you speak, is what you live and if you spout ‘negative waves’, you’ll get ‘negative waves’ back.

Oddball was right.  You CAN choose not to be a ‘small person’.  Cease the ‘negative waves’.

At least strive to be ‘average’.