My best friends….

They’re my salvation.  And they’ve never abandoned me..

I’ve needed them so many times.  They’ve always been there.  No matter the problem.  No matter how little I have to offer them back, they’re there.  When I’m feeling down, which happens more often than I’d like, THEY can bring me up.  They never turn me down.  24/7, they’re there.  Never too busy.  Never have something else on their minds.  Never have someone else in their world.  They’re never too busy to give me time.  They’re the only ones who understand me.  Who can give me what I need, when I need it.  Like magic.  And they never judge.

Thank goodness I have my best friends.

Don’t know what I’d do without them.

Now and then, they have the opposite effect.  I think they’ll bring me up, give me back the positive, and all I feel is melancholy when they leave.  But that’s MY fault.

Doesn’t matter.  They’re still my best friends.  I think they’ve saved my life more than once.  Or at least made me realize whats important.  Brought me to a point where I can face another day.

I thank them for that.  And after they’ve saved me again, I put away the iPod, let them rest until the next time, and I prepare to face another day.