OK, I’m here….

Welcome to www.edwardlowen.com.

For the longest time I’ve thought I needed a blog.  A personal blog.  Where I could talk about things that interest me, that catch my attention, that let me vent.

True, I’ve blogged before, but that always had specific intent, usually travel.  I also have thought I needed one website that brought ALL my stuff together.  My blogging, my tweeting, my travel interests, my broadcast interests, UK Sports.  I might even touch base on politics now and then.  And after a lifetime of meeting fun and sometimes even famous people, I’ll occasionally mention one of them.  Oh yeah, there will be pet talk.

I’ll probably talk about the things that make me happy. And I’ll talk about things I abhor.  If you refuse to think for yourself and march lock-step to a cause, you won’t like it here.  If you look at some of your fellow men differently than others, get ready.  I have no use for either.

Eventually, you’ll find links to all my twitter accounts, FB info, websites and blogs.  You’ll also find my daily news summaries geared for the casual reader, sports enthusiast or even Disney fan!

Ultimately what am I trying to accomplish here?  Just that “one stop place” to find me.  Do I want people to read this?  Sure.  Will I be upset if they don’t?  Maybe a little, but when it comes down to it, its more for ME than for anyone else.  If you find your way here, I hope you enjoy my ramblings, and please provide feedback.

What you WON’T see is me railing against others in a personal way.  Life’s too short.  Enjoy the ride with me.

One final thing.  If you have to ask what the ‘Big Blue Man’ means, you and I need to have a LONG talk!

Elvis, the true boss.